humansvsrobots-largeThere is no such thing as SEO copywriting, so if you’re content reads like a love letter to search engine crawlers, you won’t get anywhere. Here’s why…

In order to provide answers to searchers, the engines must first crawl and index millions of sites in order to rank them in order of perceived usefulness. So, you may be thinking, content geared for search engines will help me. Wrong. At the end of the day, a search engines primary responsibility to serve relevant results to its users.

Search engines seek the ‘long click’ – where users will click a result without immediately returning to the search page to start again. If you have a badly written piece that is of little use to anyone, then you will not be gaining any ‘long clicks’.

While you want the search engines to like you – you want people to like you more, after all, they are the ones that will be buying your products/services.

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If a tree falls in the woods…

But how will people see my content if search engines can’t find it, or don’t rank it well?

Search engines can’t generate popularity, they just boost it. You must share your content among your community of followers – this is where social media is great – and if you can get others to talk about it and link to it, then perfect!

REMEMBER: good content = happy visitors = more links = higher rankings.

Don’t think what is good for SEO, but instead what is good for your business, your brand, and what can help establish you as an industry authority. Creativity, high quality writing, use of examples, images and multimedia all help in crafting content that perfectly fits with a searchers goals.


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