bingWe know Google accounts for 90+% of search engine traffic, but that doesn’t mean you can ignore the alternatives. Take Microsoft run Bing for example – which doesn’t actually stand for Because Its Not Google, as much as I wish it did – a great search engine with lots to offer small businesses…

So, why is it great?

1. Local search.  A big plus for small businesses. Although Google does have a local search, BINGs is better, as it is easier to claim and edit your business. There is also more you can do in terms of personalising your listing to make it stand out.

2. Pricing.  If you are looking to run a cheaper campaign, look no further than Bing.

3. Integration with Operating Systems.  Not only is Bing the default search engine on Windows phones, but now all apple phones and tablets as well.

4. Keyword reports.  BING produces handy reports that helps ensure you don’t get yourself banned from any relevant search terms

5. Easier ad check ins.  Bing offers a way to filter by campaign or ad group to see how your ad is doing

6. Social integration.  Bing features the trending topics from both Facebook and Twitter on its news page

7. Image search and quality.  Not only is the image quality better on Bing, but it also includes a licence filter as a basic function of its image search.

So there you have it, seven reasons why Bing might actually be the unsung hero of the search engine world. I for one have been using it a lot more since doing this research!

How do you get on with Bing, and will you be using it a little more now?

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