We were excited to see this new dashboard view in Twitter Analytics yesterday for one of our clients.

New Twitter Analytics 'Home' View

It shows up as an additional screen called ‘home’ – it doesn’t replace the ‘tweets’ view, though it threw me the first time I saw it because I was redirected to it rather than the ‘tweets’ view and wondered where all the data was!

The ‘home’ view shows ‘tweet highlights’ – a nice, visual, at-a-glance guide to the following for each month:

  • Top Tweet: the metric that appears to matter here is number of impressions, which is displayed above the tweet. You can click ‘View Tweet Details’ to view analytics for that single tweet, or ‘View all Tweet Activity’ to be taken straight to the ‘tweets’ view.
  • Top Follower: as far as I can tell, this is the most followed account which followed you during a given month. There are links to view that person’s profile or be taken straight to your ‘followers’ dashboard.
  • Top Mention: the metric that appears to matter here is number of engagements. The only action you can take on this one is ‘view tweet’, presumably because it’s been posted by a third party.
  • Top Media Tweet: number of impressions again; all options the same as ‘top tweet’
  • Top Card Tweet: again, impressions. In our client’s case this was a tweet by a third party, and the options are to view the tweet (presumably if this had been posted by my client they could view the tweet analytics?) or view the ‘cards’ dashboard.
  • Monthly Stats: total tweets, profile visits, new followers, tweet impressions, mentions, tweets linking to you

I’m not sure how far back the monthly summaries go. This client has only been using Twitter since September, and the summaries go back to September, which is also 6 months. I’m hoping it shows your entire history, because that would be awesome, but we’ll have to wait until I can see it on an account that’s been around a bit longer!

All in all, this is a pretty useful summary of each calendar month’s activity, and it’ll be a nice addition to the existing ‘tweets’ view.

This week Twitter have also been testing a feature which would allow users to see analytics for individual tweets right in their timeline, as reported on The Next Web:

Twitter analytics

They were testing this for mobile users in November, and now they’re testing it for desktop users. That, plus this new summary dashboard, would be an awesome update! Go on Twitter, give us both!

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